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scalp micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP for short, is an amazing procedure that uses tiny dots of specially formulated pigments to replicate the look of hair follicles. 

Below is all you need in order to decide if SMP is right for you! 

What exactly is Scalp Micropigmentation? To get right down to it, it's a tattoo for your scalp! Sounds scary when you put it like that, but essentially, that's what we are doing. I use a tattoo machine and a tiny needle that turns your bald or thinning hair into a thing of the past. I can't give you the actual hair back, but I can fool everyone around you into believing I did. Tiny dots that replicate the look of hair follicles, blending so seamlessly that you won't be able to tell what is hair, and what is SMP!

Why should I choose Liz for this? Instead of just walking into any tattoo shop, you will be seeking out someone specifically trained in SMP. That someone is me! I use specially formulated pigment that contains no metals (therefore never turning blue or strange colors over time. This formula is also HYPOALLERGENIC and VEGAN. I was personally trained with the #1 Scalp Micropigmentation INSTRUCTOR AND PRACTIONER in NORTH AMERICA. I did not take my education in this procedure lightly. You are in amazing hands and I am with you not only for the journey to new "hair" but also the journey back to your self confidence. I am invested into this procedure because I truly believe that "if you look good, you feel good" and I want nothing more than to have my clients walk out with a huge smile on their faces. 

Is it painful? So far, all I've heard was "it's annoying" and some people don't mind it at all and find it relaxing! For the clients that are nervous about the pain, I do let you have the choice of numbing cream if it's necessary to get through. For the most part, I haven't had too many complaints. I will make sure you get through this procedure comfortably no matter what your pain threshold may be.  

Will I have to shave my head? The goal with Scalp Micropigmentation is to create the optical illusion where you don't know it's tattooed. When you have a large amount of hair loss, you will have to keep it short enough to blend in with the SMP. Clients that are looking to add density to thinning hair can keep their hair long as it also plays a role in the optical illusion that is SMP. I will direct each client differently and we will talk long term goals in the case that hair loss continues. Also styling tips, products and tools that you can use to make the SMP that much more realistic. 

How much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost? Each person is different since the amount of hair loss varies. I use a chart called the Norwood Scale which shows the many patterns of balding and thinning hair. The cost will of course be more if you have the entire scalp needing SMP, as opposed to someone that is thinning at their hairline. Most clients will require more than one session to achieve optimum results. I give complimentary consultations and can also provide a quote via text if you are travelling far. Text me at 302-345-0070 with a clear and well lit picture of your scalp from all angles.


How do I know if this procedure is right for me? I am here to answer any and all questions and concerns you may have. My clients know you will never get a hard sale from me. I am more concerned with you making the proper choice and being ready for it, then wanting your money. We will discuss all your options and you can make a well educated and thought out decision about this life changing procedure.


Is it Permanent? SMP lasts a very long time, however it is implanted into a shallow depth in the skin requiring a touchup every 6-8 years depending on clients lifestyle, oil and sweat production, sun exposure, and immune system. It is recommended you don't wait for it to fade completely as then we are starting over.


How many sessions do I need? Everyone is different. We never want to put the dots too close together or there is a chance it could migrate together resulting in your procedure looking like a tattooed helmet. In order to achieve a 3D effect to the SMP, 2-3 sessions may be required. However, clients with thinning hair may only need one session. Consultations and quotes are always free so don't hesitate to text me a photo! 

What is the healing like? You will need 5 day to heal, no water, no sweat. After the 5 days is up, you may gently wash the area and get it wet. Hats are okay to wear during the healing process. The dots may look a little dark at first and slightly larger due to any swelling in the skin. This subsides within a few days. Not really any tenderness in the area after the first 10 hours. Sessions should be done 10-14 days apart. You will want to plan accordingly in order to achieve the best healing results. 

What if I continue to lose hair? We can do touchup sessions anytime. We can simply fill in the areas as they continue to recede.

Hair transplants? What about those?  I encourage you to seek out all your options, and a lot of clients will actually combine both SMP and transplants. SMP can also cover the scars that transplants left behind! We can customize your treatments in order to achieve the best results.


What if my hair goes grey? The SMP uses one color, carbon black. It is then diluted to match the shade of your existing hair follicles. As the color fades, it does not stray from the grey scale. Eventually it will be a light grey and if you didn't get it touched up, it would continue to lighten.


How do I make an appointment? You must have a consultation either in person or over the phone, texting 302-345-0070. If doing the consultation over the phone, have pictures of your entire scalp ready. You will need them from all sides, in clear, bright lighting. I will be able to give you the appropriate quote as well as let you know how long it will take and how many sessions. 

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