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Lash Lifting




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What is a Lash Lift?

Lash lifting is a process for eyelashes that changes their natural shape and curve.

What can I expect during my appointment? 

Here at Noche Azul Spa you can expect to rest on a heated bed while we work with your lids and lashes. Your eyes are closed the entire time and will feel no pain. After about forty-five minutes, we you sit up with beautifully curled lashes that last and last in any situation.

Are you adding anything to my lashes?

No. We work with your natural lashes.

How long will my results last?

You can expect to have flirty and curled lashes for eight to twelve weeks.

How do I know if this service will work for me?  If you have enough lashes to use an eyelash curler than this service will work for you. The longer your lashes the more dramatic the end result will be.

Will this damage my lashes now or in the future, I've heard that it's like a perm?

No. When done correctly this service will not damage your lashes now or ever. Our estheticians are trained to work with this specific product. 

Can I wear regular makeup with my lash lift? 

Yes, you can wear any makeup you want. And even though we tint your lashes, you can use your favorite mascara on them after 24 hours for added dramatic effect.

Is there any maintenance? 

Simply brush them through with a clean mascara wand after showering (that we provide for you) and that's it!

How much is it?  

Lash lifting and tinting is $75 at Noche Azul Spa.

What if I have sensitive eyes, will that be a problem? 

If you have sensitive eyes we recommend that you come in for a free patch test 24 hours prior to your appointment. 

How long is the appointment?

Lash lifting is a 45 minute appointment.

Before and Afters
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